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Angela Smith

The Zen Dragonfly LLC
Owner & Operator
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I love talking about cultures from all over the world. It opens doors of understanding and realization we are very much alike. We want our communities to be well and have access. That people want to create space of their own and it's nothing wrong with it. I love holistic healing modalities and study mainly about black folk magik in culture, history and application. It is joy and purpose. I went to Carthage College for International Business and French, I have long moved away from that world and operate my business as a holistic life coach, reiki master teacher, restorative yoga teacher, herbalist and facilitator of circles for women of color and drumming circles for people of color. I love food from all over the world, Africa hip hop, music period, meditation and dance .. love to dance. I look forward to open conversations meeting new people, smiles and learning.